Education: Brecht Workshop

A practical workshop on the
Theatre of Bertolt Brecht

Offered to students aged 14+ at GCSE, AS/A2 level and National Diploma.

  • Duration of workshop: 1.5 hours
  • A maximum of 20 students per workshop
  • Students must wear suitable clothing, to be able to move freely

The Theatre of Bertolt Brecht

  • A warm up session for both body and voice, with exercises that encourage mental and physical alertness and co-operation.
  • An introduction to Brecht’s political ideas, contextualising and examining them.
  • Looking at Brecht in relation to Stanislavski through fun, practical exercises.
  • Concept of ‘Verfremdungseffekt’ explored through practical exercises and demonstrations.
  • Students will create their own short pieces of epic theatre, ‘demonstrating a passion’, enabling them to translate Brecht’s vision into their own.
  • A summing up of what we have discovered about Brecht, with a chance for questions.

The Brecht Education Pack can be emailed upon request and there will be a list of useful web addresses linked to each section of the pack

For further information about the workshops please contact Ensemble

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